Celebrating 10 Years of John Avon Art!

Celeberating 10 years banner

In 2022 we are celebrating 10 years of John Avon Art! An uplifting collaboration between John and his agent Guy.

To mark the occasion, we are launching two new schemes: Monthly Limited Releases and our Early Access Club.

Monthly Limited Releases

A range of very rare and exclusive items released every month from February 1st!  It is no secret John has some special new work coming out for Magic the Gathering this year, these will all be part of the new limited releases!


Every month we will be releasing previously unavailable limited edition deluxe A2 prints of classic and new John Avon pieces. In no particular order these will include;

  • Unstable Lands
  • Adakar Wastes
  • Unhinged Lands
  • Urborg tomb of Yawgmoth
  • Kamigawa Mountains
  • Portal Forests & Islands
  • Zendikar Lands
  • Classic book covers
  • And, of course, forthcoming prints for yet to be released MTG artwork!

These signed and hand-numbered giclées will be produced to the highest museum quality standard, using museum paper and state of the art inks.



Each month we will be releasing batches, singles and special themed sets of signed mtg artist proofs every month for past releases and future releases. There are some very exciting things in the pipeline! This is the first time these have been made available this way and John continues to have a steady stream of exciting packages arriving from WOTC.


Previously only available via Kickstarter, we will begin releasing our stash of stunning and very rare MTG playmats. 


Early Access Club

Offering fans the opportunity to get their hands on new releases before they become widely available, we are establishing an Early Access Club. This club will give members at least 72 hours priority access to any new limited products before they are made available to the wider world. They will also receive other exclusive benefits, please see full list below.

Early Access Club Benefits

  • Monthly Newsletter (email), which will include exclusive notification about upcoming releases and periodic insights into John’s life.

  • Early Access to all limited-edition releases.

  • 5% discount on all items (on top of any other applicable discount).

  • 20 free signatures (worth £40) from John each year you are a member – you will still have to cover shipping costs for your cards.

The Early Access Club costs just £30 per annum and you can join here.